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FiMGaming Community

by Scratchy Signal at 10:37 PM
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In the darkest night of the year, the hearts of every pony in Ponyville begin to shudder. Something is among them and waiting to devour them. To hide from Nightmare Moon, the citizens put on costume and new personalities, then offer up candy to the Princess.

Don't be caught without a disguise.


Welcome to the spookiest time of year. I'm sure in the real world you're preparing to dress to impress come Halloween, but don't forget what Equestria is doing right now. In-between the candy and celebrations, remember that the point of this holiday is to mask who you are to Nightmare Moon.

All the macabre or creative ideas get put to use as everypony becomes something new and exciting. To impress their friends, and to protect themselves from the Dark Princess.

So we offer this: Come to one of the staff members and ask them to change your name. Remember to make it suitably...
by Headless Flying Earth Pony at 8:04 PM
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It is with great pain that I must announce this.

This week has seen Mojang begin to heavily enforce their licence agreement, which has had a damaging knock-on effect on community servers including ours.

As you may know, we use donations here on the forum to help pay for our upkeep, with paying members receiving some perks in return for their generosity. As of this week, it has been made clear by Mojang that such perks are not allowed to be sold as per their Terms of Service. This includes everything from buying diamonds to a coloured name.

With this source of income dried up, it truly pains me to say, the Minecraft server simply cannot continue. I know this will come as a disappointment to many of you, and for that I apologise sincerely.

As a student, currently unemployed, it has always been hard for me to drum up the money to pay for the services I've provided, often dipping into what little I have to afford small upgrades along the way to improve things for you all.

This server...
by Headless Flying Earth Pony at 9:13 AM
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An early 'Happy New Year' to you all! :tssmile:

As you might have noticed, things look a little different around here. Today I bought a proper skin for the site and have begun customising it to look just right.

There may be some areas where the design doesn't quite work, or look correct. Please notify me if anything looks broken or misaligned.

This theme also has a few nice features, such as a sticky navigation bar that follows the page as you scroll down, this is especially useful for mobile users.

In the coming while, I'll also be adding secondary Pony-specific themes for the Mane 6 and more. These themes can be found by clicking on the Style Chooser button in the lower left of any site page.