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by Trigger at 2:10 PM
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I know it's a question on the minds of many, I've been running this community for 2 years now and still Equestria's seemed nothing more than a distant hope.

Don't worry, we've not given up on development of Equestria and will be trying hard to get Ponyville, Canterlot, Appleoosa and the Everfree Forest ready for you to play in late summer.

We'll also be recruiting players to help build the world, however I must say it's not going to be as fun as it sounds.

Building Equestria?

Now, the vast majority of our creative direction so far has come from Venexis' attention to detail, without the hours he's spent over the past few years we'd not even have an Equestria. With that said, we will be needing more hands to help us build the map, but, we're not looking for creative minds here.

It doesn't matter if you feel you could do a really good Town Hall or Sugarcube Corner, we already have the buildings made and ready. What we do need however is people willing to do bulk...
by Trigger at 6:03 AM
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Hello everypony!

Minecraft is currently undergoing some serious changes to the way it all works behind the scenes, and while the players and client seek only to benefit from these changes, servers and systems will not fare so well.

So what's happening?

Mojang are replacing the old user name system they've used from the start, moving you over to a new UUID system (Universally Unique IDentifier).

This means you account will no longer be tied to one set user name and therefore in future Mojang have said you will be able to change your name.

Sounds awesome right? It's not all good though...

Unfortunately, servers and the plugins that they run have become accustomed to relying on the username of a player for various things.

Anti-grief plugins will allow/deny based on a list of names; economy plugins will store your balance tied to your name, the /tp command in its current form won't be able to find players on a name basis, even this community uses your name to link...
by Trigger at 8:50 PM
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About time, no?

Thank you everyone for being so very patient during the redevelopment of the Minecraft server for 1.7, this update has been a very slow one for a number of reasons. But right now, let's discuss what's new!

This update has brought about a new Survival mode map, this was so we could incorporate all the new blocks and biomes that 1.7 brings to the game. Now you can frolick in flower forests, or trek out to a mesa to fight headcrabs check out the amazing canyons!


This new map is a whopping 16 times larger than before, spanning 8192 blocks from spawn in all directions. So there's plenty of room for your adventures!

Speaking of the spawn, we've completely redesigned it, with an all new version two of Discord's Challenge and new shop buildings (opening soon) for you to buy and sell all manner of items.


Creative mode remains unchanged aside from receiving a...